Our Leadership


Daniel Hill

Pastoral Staff: Dr. Daniel Hill, Senior Pastor

I am the founding pastor of River City Community Church, a community I dearly love! Our vision is to become a multiethnic community of Jesus followers who transform the city of Chicago through worship, reconciliation, and neighborhood development. Started in 2003, River City longs to see increased spiritual renewal as well as social and economic justice in the Humboldt Park neighborhood and entire city, demonstrating compassion and alleviating poverty as tangible expressions of the Kingdom of God.

Prior to starting River City, I worked at Willow Creek Community Church for 5 years in Axis, their young adult/20-something ministry. Before that I was in the business world for awhile, including an adventure starting my own dot.com in the mid-90’s.

I have a B.S. in Business from Purdue University, a M.A. in Biblical Studies from Moody Theological Institute, a certificate in faith-based community development from Harvard Divinity School, and a D.Min from Northern Theological Seminary. I have also written a pair of books - 10:10: Life to the Fullest, with Baker Books, and White Awake, with Intervarsity Press.

I am married to Elizabeth Arnott-Hill, a Psychology Professor, and we have two children: Xander and Gabriella.

Pastoral Staff: Christine Chang Lee, Executive Pastor

Christine joyfully serves at River City Community Church, where she and her husband Brian have been members since 2006. Her passion for justice and ministry was initially fueled by formative experiences with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Northwestern University. After receiving her Masters in Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan, her career has been driven by the pursuit of equity in access to high quality health care.

As a second-generation Korean-American, Christine's journey is influenced by the immigrant experiences of her family, and she is continually growing in her awareness and understanding of the role of race in America and its resulting impact on individual and collective identity. She is blessed and honored to be a part of a church community at River City that equips and challenges each person to live fully in Christ's love, and to love one another as the people God intended each of us to be.

Christine and Brian spend much of their time chasing around their two little boys, Jonah and Ethan.

Antoine Taylor

Pastoral Staff: Antoine Taylor, Director of Ministry Operations

Born in Seattle then later moving to Illinois, Taylor’s father was called to pastor In 1971. His parents founded Temple of God Church in Aurora, Illinois. This was the beginning of the journey as he experienced his parents working and ministering to various individuals and families throughout the city of Aurora, IL. This led Taylor to gain a passion for the Gospel and Community Development.After his studies at Northern Illinois University, he began working and volunteering in the Near North and Humboldt Park area. In 1986 Taylor moved to Chicago working in film and audio production and later merged with a business partner creating Third Eye Productions. His heart was led to the Cabrini and Near North area where he began to serve as the Community Development Manager for Cabrini Green Youth and Family Services, in 1992. His children, Shana (granddaughters, Meaghan & Morghan), Lorenzo and Trisha (granddaughter Kassidy),  grew up within Humboldt Park. They were able to experience grand opportunities throughout the Chicago Public School system such as,  CPS merging with Devry Institute, Aspira Prep High school, Noble Street College Prep Charter High and Jose de Diego Community Academy. Taylor and his wife Carol, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, are looking forward to their youngest, Olivia, experiencing the growth and development within River City and the Chicago land area.

Aaron Eddy

Pastoral Staff: Aaron Eddy, Director of Worship

Aaron Eddy is an accomplished singer, songwriter, producer and worship leader. He has been leading worship since 1997. He has served in various other ministry roles as well. He served as an usher, a choir member, a youth minister and a praise team member. Aaron is motivated by service and by loving God, and loving people.

Aaron has his B.A. in Marketing from North Park University and his certificate in Supernatural Worship from Bethel School of Worship. He has learned over the years that the best way to grow in God is to never become a pro at knowing who God is and how He operates. His desire is to always have a heart that is tender so that God can use him in anyway He sees fit. His purpose at RC3 is to not only lead people in worship into the presence of God, but to raise up worshippers that will carry the presence of God wherever they go. He is honored that God has chosen him to teach and impart the heart of worship to people all over the world. Aaron is married to his wife Dawn, who is a high school math teacher as well as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization. They are the proud parents of four beautiful children.

Pastoral Staff: Sherin Ahmed Ali, Director of Young Adults Ministry

As a woman who has Thai, Yemeni, and Ethiopian roots, I have often felt like I fit in both everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. That is one of the many reasons why it is such a joy for me to serve as the Director of Young Adults Ministry - we have the privilege of creating space for young adults of every cultural and socioeconomic background, and get the chance to remind them where ever we gather that they are deeply loved and cherished by both God and us.

As far as my personal background, I spent most of my growing up years in Chiang Mai, Thailand, before coming to America to attend Moody Bible Institute. It was there that my call to ministry was confirmed, and I have spent  my time since Moody working in a variety of vocational roles in the local church. I am deeply passionate about the next generation, and I long to see every baby, child, and teenager and adults come into a life giving relationship with Jesus.

Pastoral Staff: Dr. Arloa Sutter

Dr. Arloa Sutter is the visionary leader and founder of Breakthrough Urban Ministries. Years ago, God put on Arloa’s heart His compassion to help those in need. Arloa began Breakthrough when she simply responded to a need and opened up an unused church meeting room and served hot coffee and lunch to the homeless. Soon she began to build relationships with those she was helping and focused her ministry on shelter, hot meals, counseling, and supportive services to homeless men. As the needs of the community grew, so did Arloa’s vision for Breakthrough. In 2000, Breakthrough renovated a building in East Garfield Park to expand their capacity to serve homeless women, and shortly after, their youth and family program was added. Today, Breakthrough stands as a center of hope for community residents and families of Chicago’s west side. Arloa holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree from the Bakke Graduate University and an MA in Urban Mission from Lincoln Christian Seminary. She serves on the boards of the Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund and the Partnership to End Homelessness as well as the Evangelical Free Church National Urban Task Force.

Elizabeth Galik, Executive Director, R CITY

Elizabeth serves as Executive DIrector of River City Community Development Center, a nonprofit advancing a new model for building a path from cradle to college. Her nonprofit experience began in 2006, opening a small computer lab in Chicago’s west Humboldt Park community and growing it to serve hundreds annually with education, apprenticeships, and employment services. Elizabeth and her husband Charlie live with their four young children and goddaughter in the neighborhood they serve and have opened their home as guardians for more than 25 children through the Safe Families for Children movement.

Jorge Gonzalez, Spanish Speaking Bible Study

For over 20 years, Jorge ministered at one of the Chicago’s growing Latino congregations, thirteen of them as a full-time Youth Minister. He passionately developed the vision of his pastor and the local church to develop a year-round, age-appropriate, youth ministry components for a diverse population. He lead the effort to grow a youth group model into a youth church model, coaching teens on the principles of discipleship, relationship, integrity, service, citizenship and fun.

He also collaborated in the development of a Youth Center, a safe space for inner city, at-risk youth and their families to engage in a full-size basketball court, fitness rooms, performing arts spaces, game room, and multi-purpose area for the purposes of building community; raising awareness and understanding; and celebrating life achievements and community life. Jorge facilitated cross-cultural, mission experiences and community outreach endeavors locally, domestically and internationally.

Ordained under the Faith Ministers Alliance, Jorge continues to engage in preaching and teaching of the scriptures, as well as, contributed to board governance, church leadership and associate pastor responsibilities. He has participated in efforts of the Yale/Berkley’s School of Divinity to raise awareness of the need and promote the office of Youth Minister, both vocationally and bi-vocational.

Jorge and his wife of 19 years, Rebecca have two children and continue to cultivate and nurture their love for God, for each other, and for God’s beloved community.


Priya Piercy

Priya has been active in River City since its inception, and has been a consistent champion for solid Biblical teaching, devoted discipleship, and an emphasis on spiritual development in the life of each believer. Priya has worked within risk management as an accounting executive for over 20 years. She is married to John, and they are the parents of Tom and Tim.


Keith Johnson

A native Chicagoan, Keith was born and raised on the Southside in the Englewood Community. In addition to serving as an Elder, Keith volunteers and supports various not for profit organizations and for the last 20 years, has been an active member of the music ministry Von T. Matthews and Proclaim.


Shumeca Pickett

Shumeca is a fourth-generation Chicagoan with deep roots on the city’s west side. Shumeca is an intrapreneur and entrepreneur who has also worked in retail banking and economic development.