New Bible Study (CBS) -- Mission

Hello River City!Mission 3 Every couple of months we do our best to offer a midweek Bible study series to augment the great work that is already happening in the community groups across RC3. I am going to lead this next CBS, and the topic is going to be "Mission." The Bible says that every Christ follower is intended to live with a lifestyle of mission - that we should have a confidence that because of who we are in God and because of the fact that the Spirit of God lives within us, we can have a unique impact in the world.

But that is not the everyday reality for most of us.  Most of us give in to the insecurity that there is an “A-list” of top-notch faith leaders out there, and that they are the ones that get the important and dangerous assignments. Then there is everyone else, who is just doing his or her best to live a good (but boring) Christian life. We feel too normal, too insecure, too commonplace, too incompetent, too sinful, too scared, and too ordinary to ever be used by God in a mighty way.  We assume that if there is important work to be done it is reserved for extraordinary leaders, seminary trained scholars, or men and women whose level of faith greatly exceeds ours.

That is now how God created you, and that is not how you are intended to live. We are going to spend the next 3 weeks exploring the theme of mission in the Bible, and I am going to shape the series around the questions you have.  So be sure to join us for as many of them as you can.

They will happen over the next 3 Wednesdays -- 3/13, 3/20, and 3/27 -- 7 p.m. at 2124 N Milwaukee.  I hope you can come!