Some blog reflections on Ephesians 4...

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Hello River City! I set out to write a single blog post on Ephesians 4.1-16 on my blog, and it turned into 8 posts! It may be true that I am incapable of writing anything short =)

When I preached through this text a few weeks ago I shared a few minutes on how this particular text played a huge role in my life during my early twenties, and how it had really influenced the way I understood both the identity of Church and the role of pastoral leadership. If you are interested in reading more of some of the story from my early years, as well as further reflections on Ephesians 4, you'll find them below:

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  6. It’s hard to understand the identity of church without first thinking about the meaning of a King (click here)
  7. The Healing King... and how that should affect the way we think about Church (click here)
  8. Some thoughts on the role of a pastor… and why that’s really important to understand for everyone that’s not a pastor! (click here)