Paul at Mars Hill: An in-depth exploration of Acts 17.16-34

Mars Hill 1

Hello River City!

One of the passages of Scripture that I most enjoyed preaching on this summer was Acts 17.16-34. It is often referred to as Paul's time at Mars Hill, which was the Roman name for the marketplace where this dialogue/sermon occurred (this is a picture of the ancient ruins in which he would have been speaking).

The entire book of Acts is relevant to any church's identity, but this passage in particular is important for us. Here Paul speaks to a crowd that is both religiously and culturally diverse, and he demonstrates a commanding ability to preach the Gospel of the Risen Christ in a way that a lot of different people could effectively engage. It is also one of the most comprehensive sermons by Paul recorded in the Bible, and each of his points has a lot if meaning for a community like ours.

I did an eight-post exploration of this passage on my blog, and wanted to include a recap here:

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