Introducing the new River City logo!

river-city-logo Once it became clear that we were going to be embarking on a new move, we thought it would be an opportune time to also do a logo redesign process. Our original logo was created long before the church even existed, and it doesn't necessarily have much meaning or reflection of who we have become over that time.

We wanted to be very thoughtful in our process. While we understood that one can never create a design that equally pleases everyone, it was really important to us that we had a lot of stages of input, and that there was directional input from a lot of different voices. As you likely recall, we began that process with a survey to the congregation asking a variety of different questions to draw out identity markers that should inform our eventual logo.

We then formed a design committee of about 15 women and men from the congregation that guided the process and worked alongside the staff/elders to come up with a design that would reflect our community.

We are very excited with the final product. You'll find it attached (let me know if you can't open it). You will probably notice many of the nuances, but let me overtly explain a few of them. We wanted our 3 pillars to come across strongly in our logo, and are excited to see the way all of them were able to be integrated:

Worship - we experimented with a number of variations with this, and ultimately went the route of having a bold cross in the middle of the design. We wanted to underscore the importance of having everything flow both from and to Jesus Christ.

Reconciliation - within every iteration of the logo we emphasized the theme of "intersections." In Galatians 3.28 Paul says, "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." This is both a reminder of the centrality of worship, and of the multiple intersections of reconciliation that faith 'in Christ' leads us towards. We also integrated a number of different colors into the logo to underscore the importance of being a mosaic of different cultures/people that come together to form a community that is unified, and yet celebrates the individual beauty of every life that forms that mosaic.

Neighborhood Development - our location on Grand Ave is a big part of our building's identity for a lot of reasons, and the logo does a great job of reflecting that contextual geography. We also chose to go with a paint motif that has unfinished edges along this same line of thinking. We don't arrive into this new space as a finished product. God is still building, still molding, still growing us. Our community and our neighborhood will intersect and continue to evolve, and it will all point ultimately to the glory of God.

I also want to be sure to do a special thank you and shout out to Megan Adolph. She single handedly led this entire process, and it was complicated keeping it on track with so many divergent opinions. I'm so thankful for her leadership on this, and so grateful to have a new logo that reflects so many different fingerprints!!!!