Upcoming Events & Weekly Connects!



We have 2 more Neighborhood Gatherings scheduled! These are part of our Summer in the City events series, and several people have offered to host gatherings at their homes in August. More details to come, but here are the dates so you can mark them in your calendar:

Jim & Krista (West Humboldt Park/Austin)
Sunday, August 18 (after church)
note: people are welcome to come after the Financial Wellness seminar

Kim & Seldon (Ukranian Village)
Saturday, August 24 (time TBD)

To request address locations, Please sign up by clicking bit.ly/RC3Summer

More Info For Summer In The City Click on bit.ly/RC3Summer


Anniversary Picnic Sunday, September 8 Noon-2 p.m. Humboldt Park

Weekly Events:

Midweek Bible study

If you are interested in the midweek Bible study, please contact Daniel Hill @ dhill@rivercitychicago.com

Community Groups

If you are interested in getting involved in a Community Group, please contact Daniel Hill @ dhill@rivercitychicago.com

Zumba Classes

Classes are on hold until September. Have a great summer! If you are interesting in learning more about our Zumba classes, please contact Maria at info@rivercitychicago.com