What to Expect

We want to do our best to prepare you so you can relax, be comfortable, and have a great time at River City Community Church. Our community is filled with people from diverse life experiences, so when you visit you will likely meet some people who are culturally similar to you, and you will likely meet a lot who aren’t (and we think that’s a good thing!). You can feel free to dress however you are comfortable, as the full spectrum from casual to dressy is represented in the congregation.

A typical Sunday service usually lasts about 90 minutes.  We start by spending some time in corporate worship.  It is an opportunity to celebrate what God has done in our lives, to express our love for God, and to attune ourselves to God’s presence.  The style reflects the multicultural nature of our church body, and is informed by a variety of musical genres.

We then spend a period of time in our prayer and celebration time.  River City congregants are encouraged to share prayer requests throughout the week, and we bring those before God during this time.  We also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new births, or any other exciting events happening in the lives of those in our community.

At that point we call up all of our children so that we can pray for them and dismiss them to kid’s church.  We believe strongly in mantra that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and we want the children of our community to be seen and celebrated by everyone, regardless of whether or not they are already parents.

At that point there is a sermon from the Bible.  Each sermon is designed to be relevant and Gospel-centered (helping us to understand who Jesus is as well as what the good news of grace means for us).  We are very mindful of the many different cultures, spiritual backgrounds, and stages of life that are represented in our community, and do our best to be sensitive and thoughtful about that.  Ultimately, the goal of the sermon is to understand God better, to grow in our ability to receive the love of God, and to learn how to live in response to that love.

Our service ends with a time of worship, prayer and reflection, and on the first Sunday of the month we include Communion in that time.  We then conclude our service with a benediction.