Jessica Gentry

Kid City Director

Jessica is deeply stirred and motivated by the goodness of God, as revealed in Scripture and through His Spirit. She delights in walking beside people from a young age as they grow in their own understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him. She also is passionate about helping others in the body see how their gifts can contribute to the whole. 

Jess is stirred by a desire to learn from those around her, and to experience Jesus more fully in the context of meaningful relationships within a body of diverse members. 

Jess’s prior experience is in youth development, elementary education, mentorship programs, and higher education. 

Jess received her Master of Counseling and Psychology from North Park University, and a B.A. in Elementary Education and Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. She also serves as a professional counselor at private practice downtown. 

Jess was raised in Montana and Colorado, and loves to be in nature as much as possible, but remains in Chicago because she is convinced that the only thing more beautiful than a good view of the mountains is the people that reside in Chicago.