Priya Piercy


Priya Piercy serves as an Elder at River City, bringing a dedication to solid Biblical teaching, devoted discipleship, and an emphasis on spiritual development. Priya has been a faithful leader at River City since its inception. 

Born in India, and having lived in London and Saudi Arabia before arriving in the US, Priya has been influenced by several cultural and economic systems. Her family, who left a life of economic poverty in India, instilled in Priya a deep faith in God and the value of education. Priya celebrates her Indian heritage, while being thankful for the opportunity God gave her family to come to the US. 

Priya finds immeasurable joy in the Word of God, the love of Jesus, the intimacy that grows from authentic relationships, and the inspiration and freedom she experiences through the blessing of her child with Downs Syndrome. Her career has included over 20 years in risk management and internal audit. Priya and her husband John are loving parents to Tim and Tom.