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Before You Come

Sunday Worship begins @ 10 a.m. located @ 3709 W Grand Ave (click here for directions and parking info). Look forward to seeing you there! We want to do our best to prepare you so you can relax, be comfortable, and have a great time when you visit River City Community Church. We are much more than just a building, a location, or a place on a map. We are a vibrant community of people who love God and love God’s people. We invite you to learn more about us, and it is our prayer that we could become an access point for you to connect to God on a deeper level, to build great relationships with other people, and to participate in the mission of God by contributing your gifts and talents.

Getting Connected

We want every person that is part of River City Community Church to be vitally connected in community. We want to facilitate your journey to get involved both in new relationships as well as in ministry opportunities that utilize your gifts and strengths while advancing the kingdom of God. Here you will find an array of opportunities for next steps in your journey.

About Us

God has led River City Community Church on amazing journey, and we know the story has just started. We invite you to hear some of that story up to this point, to learn more about our vision and values, and to take a peek into the heartbeat of our community. And then we hope and pray that you too will become part of the unfolding story!

Easter Service

Easter Sunday service:Easter copy
10 a.m.
3709 W Grand

Good Friday service

Good Friday service: 7 p.m. 4/3/15 3709 W Grand


Come join us at Emmaus Community for Holy Thursday

Join us tomorrow as we worship with the Emmaus Community! People are meeting at River City at 5:45 if you want to carpool.


A note to the River City family regarding this upcoming Sunday

Hello River City— As you know, the struggles of these past few weeks have once again ripped open the deep wounds of historical racism and oppression in our country. The recent grand jury decisions to choose to not indict the officers in the murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner have become symbolic of the […]


Introducing the new River City logo!

Once it became clear that we were going to be embarking on a new move, we thought it would be an opportune time to also do a logo redesign process. Our original logo was created long before the church even existed, and it doesn’t necessarily have much meaning or reflection of who we have become […]


Paul at Mars Hill: An in-depth exploration of Acts 17.16-34

Hello River City! One of the passages of Scripture that I most enjoyed preaching on this summer was Acts 17.16-34. It is often referred to as Paul’s time at Mars Hill, which was the Roman name for the marketplace where this dialogue/sermon occurred (this is a picture of the ancient ruins in which he would […]


Michelle Kim on Asian American Voice

Some of my consistently favorite moments at church come when we have the opportunity to hear a testimony from someone working out their faith in real time. When someone shares in an authentic way it has an ability to create a powerful and sensitive environment for others to do the same. As you know, we observe […]


Good Friday service

Good Friday Service When: Friday, April 18th @ 7 p.m. Where: River City HQ (2124 N Milwaukee) What: A time of reflection, prayer, and communion as we reflect on the significance of the Crucifixion Info: Any questions? Email us at info@rivercitychicago.com


Holy Thursday Worship @ The Emmaus Community

Hey River City! One of the churches with whom I feel the most natural synergy with is the Emmaus Community in Chicago Heights. Pastor Alise Barrymore is one of the finest preachers I know, and is also a good friend. For the last two years they have provided turkeys for us at Thanksgiving for Cameron, and we’ve been able […]


Blog Posts on Ephesians 5

Hello River City! We crossed a big milestone when we finished the book of Ephesians a couple weeks! Including the guest speakers we welcomed, we invested 24 weeks in this important book of the Bible. We are now moving into the final stages of Lent, and I am excited as we prepare to celebrate Resurrection […]


River City Podcast on iTunes

Listen & download sermons on iTunes. Click this link  River City iTunes Podcast


Some blog reflections on Ephesians 4…

Hello River City! I set out to write a single blog post on Ephesians 4.1-16 on my blog, and it turned into 8 posts! It may be true that I am incapable of writing anything short =) When I preached through this text a few weeks ago I shared a few minutes on how this […]


Some blog reflections on Ephesians 3…

Hello River City! I am trying to be more intentional to further reflect on some of the passages we are covering together as a community on my blog. I am not caught up to where we are at in Ephesians 4 yet, but should be there soon. Here are a couple of reflections that I […]


Blog series on Fear, Faith, and Courage

Hey River City! As you know, we are currently on a series on the book of Ephesians, and I am going to soon blog about some of the important themes we have been discussing. As an aside, I also wanted to share a just completed, 2-week blog series I did on fear, faith and courage […]


A “Blueprint” for Our Future Home

This is the conclusion of a 10-part blog series exploring some of the vision and values of River City Community Church. We will occupy our new home some time in the spring of 2014, and we are in the final stages of our capital campaign process. One of the questions we receive most frequently is […]


“Not by might, nor by power…” [Christine Chang]

When I consider the Biblical vision of a community binding together to end poverty, I’m often left feeling lost among the questions and fears this vision presents.  How might I, a second-generation Asian-American woman who maximized my access to higher education, interact with this complex question within a culturally and socioeconomically diverse community of Christ-followers?  […]


When Reconciliation and Neighborhood Development collide…

Myself, along with some of the leaders of River City, are working on a series of blog posts that examine core dimensions of our church’s vision (click here to see the intro). As you most likely know by now,  our community is taking on the riskiest endeavor in its 10 year history, as we are purchasing/renovating a warehouse in the […]


The End of Poverty – grappling with big words like reconciliation, justice, and shalom

In the last post I explored the Biblical call for people of faith to seek “The End of Poverty.” There are all kind of practical questions that arise with that vision, and those need to be addressed. But for people of faith, there are all kinds of theological issues too. Biblical concepts like “shalom” and […]


The End of Poverty

One of the most compelling book titles I’ve ever come across is Jeffrey Sach’s “The End of Poverty.” An American economist, he argues that extreme global poverty could be eliminated through carefully planned development aid, and through helping the poorest countries reach the “bottom rung” of the ladder of economic development. I read the book in 2005, and […]


The most important thing I’ve ever learned about worship

My favorite passage about worship comes from Luke 24, the final chapter in Luke’s account of the life of Jesus: “While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’ They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost. He said to them, ‘Why […]