River City is on the quest to become a multiethnic community of Jesus followers that transforms the city of Chicago through worship, reconciliation, and neighborhood development.



The good news of the Gospel is that though we are sinners who have broken relationship with God, through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ we now have access to the presence of God. Worship is our response to that reality.

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When we experience the love of God in a personal way, we become “compelled” to move out into the world with a sense of mission. This orientation of mission can be described in a number of different ways, but the word that the Apostle Paul most commonly used was reconciliation:

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neighborhood development

We believe we are to join what God has already been doing in our neighborhood and to learn from and invest into that neighborhood. Humboldt Park is the place where our vision and ministry is rooted, and from there we seek the shalom of our neighborhood, our city, and our world.

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3709 W. GRAND




Building the path from cradle to career.

Serving one of Chicago's most violent police beats, our leaders invest hours, days, and years building trusted relationships to link our youth to a broader network of support. With the help of all, we provide educational and apprenticeship programming to bring our youth successfully into their calling.